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What is your bedrock presupposition?
The decline of every society of this world is directly related to the decline of the self government of humanity, the increasing rarity of many people to refuse to embrace their personal responsibilities, and the general human desire to ignore any repercussions regarding their personal failures.
All of these ills can be attributed to the seemingly inevitable weakening of society's morality due to the replacement of the One True Sovereign Creator God with the increasingly recognized “value” of humanism.
Humanism is - at best - nothing more than a failed approach to first usurp God's genuine and perfect program (salvation through Jesus Christ and a spiritually transcendent human life followed by eternity with Him) and then consequently supplanting His program with a series of lies, inaccuracies and distractions to guide people away from the true source of peace. There is only one being that masterfully leads this rebellion against God - Lucifer (Satan).
Humanity is not God, will never attain the level of Sovereign over the universe nor will ever be capable of implementing a superior - nor even equal - morality to the Heavenly Father. Even if all the people of the world would rise against His morality and reject it part and parcel (and they will), they will still be subject to His omniscience, omnipotence, justice and righteousness.
Eventually, history will prove that humanism will have failed to even remotely approach the vaunted peak which it was designed to climb - to provide substantiated morality "superior" to the only truly righteous morality as solely implemented with such love, grace, beauty and effortless power by the One True Sovereign Creator God of the Holy Bible. And the culmination of His love and morality was demonstrated perfectly through the life and death of Jesus Christ and the completed Word of God. This is God's eternal plan and His gift to mankind. Yet, to chase their hedonistic and humanist ends, much of mankind rejects this simple & fundamental truth.
Meanwhile, mankind goes on thinking they are progressive, intellectual, enlightened, tolerant, enabled, powerful. Yet, they are simply intensifying their bizarre form of mass hysteria.
Bow the knee while you are free to do so of your own freewill, respect our Heavenly Father and depend solely upon the actions of our dear beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
If this seems preposterous to you, please read I Corinthians 15 and learn what the basics of the life of Christ really means to an unreconciled humanity.
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Jesus replied, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
John 14:6 (NETFull)
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